What next?

Francis Fish
6 min readMar 9, 2024
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How do we build a better world?

If you’ve been reading Green Plenty for a while you will definitely know that I advocate for restructuring society so it meets human needs first and puts the idiocy of profit seeking in the bin where it belongs. See the articles on Capitalism, No Plan for Utopia, Cradle to the Grave, The Six Pillars of Human Happiness, and of course the original Green Plenty article.

There’s also the dangerous story where people point to the enormous human suffering caused by capitalism’s fake scarcity and blame it on things like overpopulation. This is dangerous because it leads to allowing people to die in areas racists have labelled overpopulated. It’s funny how the folks who have to die are poor, have brown skin, and live in the global south when the lion’s share of the resource wasting happens in the prosperous north, isn’t it? Of course, the more violent racists are happy with murder anyway. False scarcity creates this mindset. Us and them thinking destroys the common human solidarity that should exist between people everywhere. An implacable universe will eventually kill us all, and if the individually weak beings that call themselves human don’t work together we’re in trouble.

I made the point about restructuring at a meeting about what’s happening in Gaza a few weeks ago. Most folks agreed with it, but then you have the thorny question of how and…