Pick a side, by all means

Francis Fish
2 min readOct 20, 2023


Please make sure you understand what sides there actually are.

The massacre of the innocents

I keep seeing lunatic posts that point back to before the Ottoman Empire and say how it explains Muslim and Jewish conflict.

We have imperial capital from about 1880 establishing dominance and using ethnic tensions to make it easier to steal the world. This is the core.

The world isn’t the world of feudal empires but rapacious capitalism. The US needed a foothold in that region.

The suffering and mayhem is a direct result of that. The division and lies are part of keeping it running.

The history was used and abused to create a story. A story that keeps the empire in charge while everyone looks the other way for causes that stretch back hundreds of years.

If you let the imperialists off the hook you’re doing their job for them.

The causes are in the present, obvious, and nothing to do with ancient history.

The story of the historical empire was used to create division that could be exploited. It does not explain why those divisions appear to matter, when so many others do not any more.

The blame lies with the exploiters and owners who are putting on a son et lumière, a disgusting spectacle, while they continue to run the wealth machine and line their pockets with our lives.

There are sides to pick, but not the ones you’re being told exist.