Finding the sovereign individual

Francis Fish
10 min readJun 14, 2024

- 9 min read

A lone tree on a snowy hill with clouds over the horizon
Image by Chuck Rutenberg from Pixabay

Harder than it looks.

Many years ago I got into a conversation with a silly person on Facebook. This isn’t hard to do, so I will give a bit more information. He was talking about how he would have his own cow and be off grid and independent from everyone else in some kind of individualistic paradise. Obviously from the USA, and didn’t know much about how cows are persuaded to produce milk, which is extremely cruel, to be honest.

I made a throw away comment about the collective managing the cows and he got all upset. You see, in his consumer capitalism addled mind, the collective and himself were completely different things. Also, he had been infected with the American Dream lie where you can homestead your way to a better life. Git off mah properdy or ah’ll shoot you. It’s all nonsense.

The individual with a cow, no bull, and no way of keeping that cow healthy and replacing it when it gets old is a recipe for ridicule, isolation and failure. If you take the lunatic attempt to be independent from all other people to an extreme the log cabin you build in the wilderness will probably be quite small, as the size of logs you can move on your own are probably not that big. Also, did you mine your own iron ore, and then process it into steel to make the axe? How to you keep it sharp? Then we have the…